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Movement for life...


Realine Pilates is a small, intimate studio environment offering classical Pilates, specializing in private and semi-private (duet) sessions and small classes to customize your experience and focus on providing the highest quality instruction possible with more personal attention and hands-on cuing. Enjoy your sessions in a warm, relaxed and inspirational atmosphere.  Be in the present moment and maintain a place of mindfulness as you work.


Realine offers instruction to teach, build, grow, and expand your practice—always working at your pace. 


Mat Fundamentals:  Pilates mat work is your foundation. Introduction to the method includes fundamental principles and movement to learn--breath, centering, concentration, control, flow, and precision.


Mat Essentials:  Build on your fundamental foundation to develop core awareness and strength, while integrating balance, fluidity, breath, joint release, flexibility, centering, spinal alignment and precision.  Mat is always work in progress--classes move fluidly and encourage endurance.


Mat Essentials with Props:  Breathe new life into your mat experience by adding training with props! Mat classes will include use props designed to help increase endurance, strength, and flexibility. Flex bands, foam rollers, mini balls, circles and stability balls keep mat class a challenging learning experience. 


Realine also offers privates and semi-private (duets sessions) on Pilates' equipment:


The Reformer is one of the primary pieces of equipment used in the practice of Pilates. Fashioned after a single-sized bed frame, it consists of a moving carriage whose tension and resistance is controlled by springs. The springs can be used to increase or decrease resistance, depending on the exercise and strength of the client. More than 100 exercises can be performed on the Reformer.


The Reformer with Jumpboard creates a fast-paced cardio workout—requiring Reformer experience prior to increasing difficulty by adding Jumpboard. 


Work on the Pilates Tower, or Half Trapeze, is a great addition to your practice. The Reformer Tower allows work on many of the movements specific to the Cadillac (Trapeze) and further enhances knowledge of the method. 


Wall-mounted Springboard resistance equipment provides an invigorating full-body workout.  Take Mat, Cadillac and Reformer experience to a new level!  Designed by internationally renowned Pilates instructor, author, and innovator Ellie Herman, who has taught Pilates for 20+ years. 


The Wunda Chair is a smaller piece of equipment and is modeled after a standard sitting chair. The Chair consists of a footplate connected to springs. The Chair develops strength and is known as the "manly man” piece of equipment--a Chair workout can be one of the most difficult you will encounter. 




Sharon O'Donnell


Studio owner and teacher, Sharon O'Donnell, certified in 2006 through a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) recognized classical program, Core Dynamics Pilates, founded and directed by Master Teacher, Michele Larsson.  The Core Dynamics program is based on the work of Joseph Pilates with additions made by Eve Gentry (who trained with and was taught by Joseph and Clara Pilates in their New York studio from the 1940's  until she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1968) and Michele Larsson (who apprenticed with Eve Gentry in the early 1980's after 10 year student tenure) to facilitate the technique and enhance efficient movement patterns.


The program requires a minimum of 450 apprentice hours and certification commitment to continuing education.  Fully certified in all four levels of the program with an ongoing focus on advanced education training through Core Dynamics, The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Balanced Body University (Pilates on Tour) and IDEA Fitness & Wellness Association.


Sharon received her certification and has been teaching Pilates since 2006, is a member of PMA and is insured through IDEA Fitness & Wellness Association.


Pilates is for everybody — to work mind, body, and movement as one — as a way of life. Movement for your life!



Breath • Centering • Concentration • Control • Flow • Precision


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